Today’s progress:

Managed to kill the lil bitch Tesra Coil or whatever the name is. I didn’t expect this to go this far… I remember having a hard time against it even though there were three families (including me) when I did TOC with my friends. 

Beholder was easy (thanks to Chaos Festival buff lmao) so it’s not really surprising that I could kill it. XD It’s probably the easiest boss in TOC so far because it didn’t kb me much compared to the other bosses. 

But I had no chance against Jelly Fish. :Drz Even with Chaos Festival, its attacks hurt so much ugh my poor babies.

And last but not the least, Dandy Uncle Veil. I forgot that I won his costume box (which is a neat thing btw because it’s a package rather than just the hat, sunglasses or costume) when I was spamming Lyndon Box for Mireille yesterday lol.



Ion… I love you!

Thank you to all who have helped me down this long long path. I love you too! 

I lose INT though (my poor eWOA), I’ll be keeping it on hand though for my racial sets that don’t have SD wep. Need to +7 the armour to match up to my +7 GC. 

ooohhhhhhh myyyyyyyy /cries at corner because this is too awesome

Pretty 302 DEF right there oowwhhh. (*A*) 

Mashima, I see what you did thar

Spoiler alert.

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trade me this mireille to my selane :3

Oops, can’t do that lol. I already have Selane. XD; I don’t mind trading her to Lio w/Puni or Puni book tho.

Kinda motivated to play this game again because hEY ARMONIA’S COMING SOON I”VE BEEN WAITING LIKE FOREVER. Didn’t do anything much except the same daily routines + getting accustomed to using Althea (Valeria w/Inno) in Relic to TOC. Anyway 

That has got to be the most expensive thing I’ve seen on MM….. The status is very pretty though so Nena users will be happy and sad at the same time I guess ahaha.


Wow like w o w. I didn’t spam much tbh. I wish I can be as lucky as today when Student President Ludin is released….. I’m totally sold by her character design (and because it’s Ludin) although I hate it when IMC keeps trashing female characters in Lyndon Box urgh.


S > Mireille Character Card. Bach server only. Price is negotiable (+it’s a bonus if I know/recognize you from tumblr ohoho). 

Sorry for the shameless ad.  8D 


With Cannon Shooter Claire and Blue Flame Ludin, people are now thinking that IMC might release a teen Cano. I’m tired of female character (i miss handsome men) but I really like Cano…

This. Is. Brilliant. 

Pardon me as I’m laughing out loud at 1 a.m. XD; 


For those who feel like they’ve done nothing productive at all in the last few days.

Kess Kielce and Leonele Von Hanen have many similarities (a younger sister, punisher stance, long hair). Despite their common characteristics, they do not really match together.

Ahh actually I can imagine this happening lmao. SakuSuzu combi oh yissss. 

fairy tail’s hunks (≖‿≖✿)

katekyo hitman reborn handwriting
vongola x | download this font pack here

Fairy tales are more than true:

not because they tell us that dragons exist,

but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.

― Neil Gaiman, Coraline