And if you’re wondering, no I didn’t farm for the earring. Bought it for 600m wahaha. O)—( I actually wanted to wait until the price dropped for another 100m but I kept telling myself it’s better to take the opportunity to buy at that time or I’ll regret it later. AND EGULAH NO TAMENI.  For the Abyss Bear, I’m really thankful to C~ family because he’s kind enough to invite me in his squad even though he’s not questing for the boss. u///u 

Sirius tho

Yeap. Running away when you’re sparring with your captain is a sign that you’ve grown stronger than before! Oh wow thanks so much for the info, Sirius.

I named him Aedhelweard and took him to Rebo for sightseeing with… other (handsome) men. 8D 

Apparently things became like this. Somehow Aedhelweard seduced Tsubaki (Lionel) out of the blue and Machina (Ion) was shocked to witness such thing. actually he’s just jealous 

And he wanted to impress Eglantine (Kess) by showing that he’s far more seducing than Raphael (JD). The latter didn’t want to lose and so he also showed his seduction pose to the governor. 8> Oh bless you Eglantine. You’re so loved.

Aaannnddd a bonus. (Inspired by Eguchi’s role as Ryouma in LOVE STAGE lmao.)


yay I can sleep happily now


…….. shit.

Today’s progress at soloing TOC: 

Finally managed to beat Domi with Tsubaki (Lionel) in the team. :> Both him and Machina (Ion) died several times though. XD Killing Tetra Pod was a breeze thanks to Chaos Festival buff (and the back costumes aka period wings). \o/ So after that I was like “Oh okay I’m so gonna die at this part (Tesra Coil)” but…

Holy sweet panna cotta with terribly sweet caramel….

I actually managed to kill it as well!!! Tsubaki was a good tanker despite his level lol. Once again, it was a breeze to kill Beholder because of the imba free buff. I yolo’ed when it came to Jelly Fish (this thing is so freaking nasty, I tell you) but to my surprise…

It died. IT DIED. asdfghjkl. The results of fighting the next two bosses (Hydro Bomber & Light Gemini respectively) left me speechless. I mean seriously I didn’t expect I would get this far.

Mmm pretty debuff inflicted by my diva Machina there. 8D 

And yes I failed at Dark Gemini lmao. 

I think I’m just lucky. u///u Btw, since I mentioned period wings, I purposely chose the ones that match their costumes. :3

Because cuteness is chubby Tsubaki. 8>

I mean you can’t forget about Rudolph when it’s Christmas, right Althea?

And finally Machina with Black Rose Wings because black is sexy for someone who is a sexy diva.

Tsubaki bby finally gets his stance. //YELLS

He’s still Expert 4 but he manages to tank in Demonic Ice Wizard Tower. Atta boooyyyyy. Machina (Ion) needs to take care of him (ooh taking care eh Ion) and be a temporary tank in other raids I guess lol. I’m too lazy to level him up so I’ll just spam Relic > ToC if I have the time ha ha ha.

Inspired by that scout clad in bikini lmfao. Either Sirius is just too pious or he’s just a maji 1000% doutei PSYCHO-PASS reference hi Gino you have a friend hHAHAHAHAHHA. dude that’s why you never get laid ((by women))

Still no luck farming that friggin earring. I might as well give up and buy it despite the OP price BUT I HAVE NO VIS LOLLLLL laughs in despair.


Naos (JD) now has a fellow cape-buddy! ^__^

Luck was on my side while hunting for Cepheus’ Earring. Took me about 20-30 minutes. ;w; Much thank to those who allowed me to join their squad!


S-S-Sirius you’re flirting with JD…… Kess will get mad. ((And I’m pretty sure Lionel is just lonely.))

hi it’s 4.30 a.m. and i’m just posting another pointless random crap -Sirius’s Style-

3 hours later

30 minutes after that

Yes Sirius, I need your prayers so bad so please pray for me. A LOT. I will recruit you one day. Just… wait.

Well yea maybe I should quit being a stubborn person and find a squad already but lol I don’t want to get killed by opponent factions hahhHAHAHHA. /flops on floor

Since I keep getting dced today, I decided to waste my time doing this instead.

Siriusly Seriously, why hasn’t anyone mention his hairstyle? I think it looks cute and it definitely suits him. XD At least he still have a manly face and build unlike Kess in his default costume lmfao.


when u have to poop but alot of people are over

Vincent, you cutie.






Everyone looks so pretty and handsome and so dazzling I’M JUST ;_____________________;