DIABOLIK LOVERS characters’ profiles

Dunno if this has been translated yet because scrolling through the pages under DIABOLIK LOVERS takes a lot of time lmao. Let me give you a warning though. THIS IS A NOOB’S TRANSLATION. Therefore I will ignore the kanji I don’t know. /hides

Without further ado…

Komori Yui. Human(?). Second year. 17 years old. 158 cm. 45 kg. Blood type O.

Sakamaki Ayato. Vampire. Second year. 17 years old. 174 cm. 62 kg. Blood type O. Favourite food is takoyaki. His hobby is basketball.

Sakamaki Kanato. Vampire. Second year. 17 years old. 165 cm. 56 kg. Blood type O.

Sakamaki Raito. Vampire. Second year. 17 years old. 174 cm. 61 kg. Blood type O. Favourite food is macaroon. His hobby is crossword puzzles.

Sakamaki Shuu. Vampire. Third year. 19 years old. 180 cm. 65 kg. Blood type AB. Favourite food is rare(?) steak. His hobby is violin. 

Sakamaki Reiji. Vampire. Third year. 18 years old. 183 cm. 67 kg. Blood type O. Favourite food is carbonara.

Sakamaki Subaru. Vampire. First year. 16 years old. 178 cm. 67 kg. Blood type A. He doesn’t have favourite food or hobbies.

Okay now that I’m done with their biographies, I’m activating my science geek mode. 8D So we know that Yui and most of the Sakama brothers have O blood type. Which means, she is a universal donor. No wonder they’re after your blood, girl. It kind of makes sense too that why the brothers (to be precise Ayato, Kanato, Raito and Reiji) want her blood so bad because people with O blood type can’t receive other blood types. Meanwhile, Shuu can suck whoever’s blood he pleases as he’s a universal recipient. Lovely Subaru is probably the most unique one in Sakama siblings. Apparently, one with A blood type can only receive the same blood type or O blood type. I haven’t listen to his CD yet but my friends say he’s very romantic and gentle during the blood sucking part (or they’re just unleashing their do-M side, who knows)

Err, anyone care to explain what’s up with Ayato’s, Kanato’s and Raito’s age (omg -to trio!)? I can only think of them being fraternal triplets because of their age. I’m not sure if such cases have happened before but a single mother can’t give birth to three different sons in a year at different period, no? Although I claim to be a science geek, believe me that my Biology is horrible dskjdsds. And holy burnt cheesecakes! Kanato is ACTUALLY taller AND is the same age as Yui. Wow, looks sure are deceiving eh? I always thought he’s between 13-15. I called him “pervy shota” before because of the breast sucking part sfksjfsf but now it’s proven that I’m wrong. 

Oh, and I love how Ayato makes his pants look unsymmetrical. (^q^) I have a feeling that he’s going to be an adorkable do-S vampire. Raito is sexy without his pimp hat but I guess they want to “reduce” the “threats” fans will get from him by keeping the hat? 8D; Regarding Kanato, don’t ask me why he carries around a (badass) teddy bear with him along the time despite his age. I wanna meet a guy like that IRL.

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